"I remained to dream the nightmare out to the end..." - Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness

The abyssal dark is a living thing, a semi-sentient entity or collection of entities that predates Heaven and Earth by untold eons. It is not of the Outside, nor is it native to the Infernal Plane, where it dwells. Not even the oldest of the Outsiders know where it came from, and it is described as ancient even in the writings of the Elder Gods. It is a malevolent presence unbound to the Etherium, and it rarely interacts directly with ethereal beings. The abyssal dark remade Morax when he fell from Heaven, and it apparently gave up some of its secrets to help Asmodeus and Murmur create sciomancy. Though Morax knows more of it than any other ethereal, the abyssal dark's true motives and nature are a mystery.