"I was anxious to deal with this shadow by myself alone--and to this day I don't know why I was so jealous of sharing with anyone the peculiar blackness of that experience." -Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

When the archdemon Abigor, disappeared into the Outside, a lesser spirit called Murmur made a bid to replace him as leader of the Voices of Hell - that branch of the Black Hand that is responsible for interpreting the laws handed down by Lucifer and the Princes. Murmur was sympathetic to the plight of the damned, and faced fierce opposition from several of Hell's luminaries. He was not among the angels who sided with Lucifer in the battle for secession, and the Outsiders claim that he is one of them. His mysterious presence in Hell and his own reluctance to offer an explanation saw Murmur tried and very nearly voted into exile. But, when it was revealed Murmur had the support of Samael himself, those of his opponents who did not vanish withdrew themselves from consideration. The controversy immediately dissipated; even Lucifer fell silent. Thus, Murmur found a place among the servants of the Black Hand, and he has faced derision, scorn, and violent persecution ever since. Only Prince Asmodeus seems to want to give Murmur a chance. He sees, in this enigmatic spirit, an iteration of himself. Murmur is a creature of shadow. He brings a semi-sentient soul-poisoning darkness wherever he goes, and, working with Asmodeus, he developed the art of sciomancy. Not even this managed to win the praise of his peers, though, far away in his pit on the Heavenward edge of the Infernal Plane, Murmur doesn't seem to care what the others think of him. His minions haunt the Earth, whispering in his far off voice, revealing Infernal secrets to humans and Stranded demons, enlightening as often as they destroy. Murmur wields a halberd, the blade of which is cursed with an unbreakable wasting spell. His symbols are the vulture, the needle, and the asphodel.

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