Morax the Shadow

"From morn to noon he fell, from noon to dewy eve, a summer's day; and with the setting sun dropped from the zenith like a falling star." -John Milton, Paradise Lost Lines 742-745

Morax was a lesser angel of the warrior caste, a keeper of owls, who did little to distinguish himself even after he joined Lucifer in the battle for secession. It was only in the climactic clash with the forces of the Host that Morax earned the reverence of the Morningstar. As Lucifer's cabal was retreating from the whole of the angelic army, Morax refused to back down. He stayed in combat, and he killed many angels before he was finally forced over the alabaster walls of the Celestial kingdom. Morax fell, aflame, into the Infernal abyss. His body was destroyed completely, but in that ancient abyssal dark he encountered powers beyond even Lucifer's ken - powers which remade him in living shadow. Murmur and Asmodeus, his fellow servants of the Black Hand, would later draw from the abyssal dark to create sciomancy, but Morax retains a stronger connection to it than any other Infernal - the abyssal dark appears to have taken a liking to him. His union with primal darkness has given Morax an extensive knowledge of astronomy, and it is he who drafts Asmodeus's Infernal calendars. This sciomantic specter also serves the Judges, wielding a pair of shadowblades known as Rend and Shatter. On account of his unique nature, Morax can cross onto the Material Plane at will, and it is because of this that Lucifer has pressed him into service as Hell's soul collector. Morax's symbols are the owl, the comet, and the black prince snapdragon.