Metatron the Scribe

Metatron is of the Alto rank within the Throne, and while rank determines responsibility rather than leadership, Metatron has always been thought to lead the group of Thinkers. He is described in text at the Voice of God; he and he alone can withstand God's direct countenance. This being the case, he is something of a medium for God. So bound to God is Metatron that he is often mistaken for Him in certain records. If Metatron does indeed have a personality, it is something he rarely shows. Being a scribe, he has written countless books on varying subjects, and those who follow his writing religiously, so to speak, can see his true voice in text. They will describe him as critical and sarcastic, but also one to favor humor, even if his humor is hard to understand. He favors the 'eye' symbol of the Thinkers, and wears it proudly on his robes, which has led to the legend of God having given him 365 eyes. Partially true to legend, however, Metratron has 3 sets of wings, 6 total. His symbols are the seed, the quill, and the eye.