Hecate - the Soul Butcher

"Hark! I am called. My little spirit, see, sits in a foggy cloud and stays for me." -Macbeth Act 3, scene 5

Hecate, queen of shadow, was not unlike Verity in her early life. She grew up quiet and aloof among scholars and nurtured an early interest in Celestial zoology. She was a great beauty and much loved for her singing voice, though she was always embarrassed by any amount of adulation. This embarrassment blossomed into feelings of isolation as she grew. Hecate was entranced by subversive philosophy, and quickly found herself drawn into Lucifer's cabal. She pined after the Lightbringer, seeing in him all the confidence and power she felt she'd never managed to develop. He spurned her every advance, though he was careful each time to give her just enough hope to feed her longing. Desperate for him, she gave her all in the war for secession. And, of course, she was damned for it. Now she sits among the Voices of Hell, mad with frustration, bitter and haunted, and at last the occasional - if frigid - consort of Lucifer. She no longer loves him, of course, and his violations of her body only serve to drive her further into the unique chaos of her despair. It is rumored that, through strange, Outsider magic, she has acquired two more living heads which she hides under elaborate headdresses. Much, though, is rumored about the queen of shadow. Hecate is a sorceress without peer. She tends to favor magics that poison or distort the souls of her victims. This particularly malefic form of torture is something of a hobby of hers, and she spends epochs locked in her pit, devising new ways to take out her immense hatred of herself on the servants of God and the children of men. Her symbols are the mockingbird, the crossroads, and the pomegranate tree.