To him no Temple stood or Altar smoak'd... -Paradise Lost, Book I

The archdemon Belial is second only to Lucifer among the princes of Hell. He helped form the Black Hand and was integral in building relationships with Outsiders and establishing Lucifer's rule. He was a Deep Angel, Lucifer's closest friend, and it was to him that Lucifer first confided his dissatisfaction with Celestial law. Disillusioned himself, he fed Lucifer's doubts; in fact, in the minds of many an angel, while it may have been Lucifer who offered the fruit of rebellion, it was actually Belial who sowed its seeds. As a servant of the Black Hand, Belial is the high priest of the Luciferic Order, the head of the church of Satan in Hell. He also oversees the establishment of Lucifer's church on Earth. Though he was once one of the most beautiful among the angelic host, Belial now chooses to manifest as a quadrupedal horror, a devil dog, and all his offspring share the same monstrous form. They are the Children of Belial, and they terrorize the damned in Hell and the living on Earth. Belial's symbols are the cuckoo, the triskelion, and the Corpse flower.