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Early LifeEdit

Archer grew up alongside his uncle, Lothar, and Lucas Klein. Always a very happy child, he developed an interest in science, particularly entomology. His parents learned of his asthma at age 12, which is connected to his mother's sciomancy. They have been unsuccessful at healing him, but he has learned to live with it, and cut down the attacks through his own meditative methods.


Archer always seems to be in a decent mood. He's difficult to upset, and he's also very optimistic and book-smart. He has taken after Dreamer, whom he considers quite "cool", striving for his wit and charm.


Archer has most of his father's traits, though he wears his dark hair short and combed. His physique isn't one of a warrior's, more lean than toned, and his skin is the typical angel-white. There are very tiny horns at his temples, triangular and swept back, well hidden by his hair. He yields the same amount of teeth as any human, though they are all sharpened to a point. His wings are eagle-like, like his father's, but pure white. On his back, between his wings, is a large patch of black Tormentor flesh, complete with denticles. It doesn't seem to have developed to the point of slick glossiness yet.

Powers and ToolsEdit