Angels are holy entities that reside on the Celestial plane among the non-Celestial deceased. They are faithful people, driven by both logic and prayer. It can also be said that they are a very deluded people, what with the Celestial atmosphere constantly muting negative emotions.


Very often, Angels are tall, and always sport black hair and very, very pale skin. They lack the thin body hair (vellus), as well as facial and pubic hair. Their skin has an iridescent sheen in the correct light. They have black blood, and very often, white wings. The most common wing structures are eagle, kite, and ibis. Colored wings are extremely rare, and guaranteed only in Deep Angels.

Powers and ToolsEdit

Angel wings vary in shape and a bit in size. They have massive wingspan, and can fly up to speeds of up to 130 miles per hour without the aid of holy magic. Angel feathers and blood are highly prized among underground magic trades. A wing doesn't break easily, but when it does, it takes months to heal. Feathers grow back within days.

Most are excellent swordsmen, even the thinking class, and they rarely specialize in any other weapon. Their aspects have calming affects on most humans, and it is indeed possible for Terrestrials to become addicted to the feeling.

They are capable of blessing holy water which is a basic healing tool, in place of more advanced healing spells. Angels severed from The Throne grow to easily forget what they know of magic if they fail to practice it often enough. Speaking unholy names, or using dark spells will physically harm them, bestowing deep feelings of unease, illness, or splitting headaches. All angels are lucid dreamers. Bringing an angel to orgasm will grant their partner intense feelings of elation and comfort, as well as help heal the angel in question, if they are injured.


Vocale is an innate ability that all angels wield regardless of their position and situation. Much attention and focus is put on vocals. Not all angels are adept in the art of singing, but many inherently know how to use their voices as weapons. Their screams, if powerful enough, can stun or even knock out an opponent. More practiced angels can do more intricate damage. Naturally, all voices are different, but none will be described as grating or unpleasant, even when used offensively. They are harmonious even when deadly.


All angels are capable of summoning an avatar - a powerful form primarily used for battle - but calling forth such a power is almost always exclusive to Warriors. Depending on their wing structures, angels change into giant avians that utilize what appears to be liquid metal, in their swift movements as well as select attacks. The longest anyone has ever remained in their avatar was 4 days, by General Cutsu.